Who Will Be the Victor in the Inescapable Fight Between Andy and Quynh: The Old Guard

The Old Guard released on Netflix on the 10th of July 2020, and the movie ended with an interesting cliff-hanger. There have not been any official announcements about a sequel to the movie, but the final scene in the movie surely leaves ample scope for one. Additionally, the amazing reviews and high streaming statistics may also play a big role in motivating the producers and director to plan a sequel to the movie. The film found its inspiration from the comic with the same name authored by Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernandez and became a success in a small period.

We saw in the film’s last shot that Quynh returns and does not look like a person willing to hear or forgive Andy. And hence, the expected second movie will surely present a fight between the two immortals. Charlize Theron plays the lead character of Andromache of Scythia, who alters her name to “Andy” to blend in the modern world. As we go ahead in the movie, we notice that a lot of characters change their names to either blend or hide their ethnicity to avoid controversy. The movie revolves around Andy’s team of immortal mercenaries after they discover and add Nile Freeman to their group. Nile realized that the immortals have powers of quick healing, but those powers are not eternal, and nobody knows when their immortality will end.

Andy tells the recruit that the first immortal she encountered was Quynh, and the two fought countless battles side by side. The naïve people of older times assumed them to be women with supernatural powers due to their inability to die. They captured and sentenced them to death, but Andy managed to escape. Her attempts to find Quynh was a waste, and now her memory haunts Andy. The last scene of the movie shows Quynh’s return, thus paving the way for a sequel with great potential.

Let us circle back to the issue in question. The Old Guard: Force Multiplied #1 hit markets last year, and four more issues have been printed and sold since then. The comics refer to Quynh as Noriko, but the movie changed it to match the ethnicity of the actress playing the part. Since Quynh was underwater for a long while, she will return with no predictability and lack of experience. But despite all that, she is bound to hold an upper hand because neither is Andy aware of her return nor is she aware of her anger.

Quynh must be under the impression that Andy willingly abandoned her, and she will come after the entire group with all her wrath and force, making her the central villain in the second movie. The only way to avoid this fight is if Andy somehow manages to tell Quynh her side of the story before she attacks, but that is highly unlikely. If the production decides to make the movie a trilogy, the two characters have scope to patch things up and fight a common enemy together again.

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