Social Media Marketing Apps That You Should Know About

Social Media allows you to use its platform to build your brand and connect with your target audience. There is a trail of benefits attached to social media marketing. You need to plan and strategize your steps to avail those benefits.

One of the ways of growing your brand online is by using advanced social media tools which also includes social media marketing apps. Listed below are a few social media marketing apps that you should start using.


Available on – App Store and Google Play

Quik allows you to create awesome videos with just a few taps. It is a free photography and video editing app which provides tons of features that help you come up with fine quality content.


Available on – App Store and Google Play

Over allows you to add texts to your photos and you can choose a font among 25 different options. It allows you to design content and edit photos.


Available on – App Store and Google Play

SnapSeed is one of the most common photo editing apps used by beginners. It is easy to use and offers a variety of options. It also has tutorial videos of how to edit your pictures.


Available on – App Store and Google Play

If you want to repost someone’s post on Instagram, you need a third party app for it. “Repost” app allows you to share content on your profile that has been initially posted by someone else. Unlike other social media apps, Instagram does not allow the share option and so you need a repost app for it.


Available on – App Store and Google Play

It is excellent at providing you with an overall view of your marketing calendars  and you can also manage, edit your social media posts through CoSchedule. The mobile app is available to help you schedule and post your content on Instagram.


Available on – App Store and Google Play

Feedly is a news aggregator app that lets you club the information of your interests. It compiles news worthy stories from other online sources and shares them with you.

Social Media Marketing apps and tools ease your workload. You can do the same task in a better and simpler way using these apps. As a social media marketer, you should make a smart move and download these apps for your convenience.

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