Red Dead Online: Locate Bullhead Catfish, Muskie, and Whooping Crane

Red Dead Online is one of those games in which hunting can never get boring. There are numerous types of animals and plants available, but “Legendary Animals” has a special impact on the game. Finding the legendary animals is not an easy task for players, but surely it’s an entertaining process. In the category of legendary animals: Bullhead Catfish, and Muskie are included. Finding these legendary animals is very challenging for players. However, Whooping Crane is also a rare animal, but it’s not a legendary animal. To find these animals, you need to know their exact locations.

Legendary Bullhead Catfish Location

Legendary Bullhead Catfish spawns on some specific regions. To find this legendary animal, you need to look where it usually appears. Bullhead Catfish bite some specific baits and lures for attraction. To locate this animal, check out the Far East side of the map near “Sasika Island.” Begin the fishing process at Southwest bank near the penitentiary.

Keep the “Special River” lure and corn as bait to attract Bullhead Catfish. If you wait for the rain, you will see more Bullhead Catfish than usual. So be ready with essential items to hunt this legendary animal.

Legendary Muskie Location

The location of Legendary Muskie is not too far from Bullhead Catfish. You just have to move towards the north side of Sasika Island, and there’s a lighthouse outside of “Van Horn Trading Post.” While locating the Muskie, you will also require lure, but this time you have to use “Special Lake” lure. Rather than rainy, Muskie appears in cloudy weather more than usual.

Whooping Crane Location

As you already know, the Whooping Crane is not a legendary animal, and it doesn’t spawn randomly on any location. Tracking down the Whooping Crane is quite tricky, so you need to search on a specific location. Begin your discovery by looking at the Bluewater Marsh, which is located at Lemoyne’s Northern end. There you’ll find a huge swamp full of alligators and critters.

You need to move forward on barefoot because the horse will probably scare other creatures and Whooping Cranes of nearby areas. Use the “Eagle Eye” to spot the animals through lengthy grass. It will help you to locate every animal nearby. Once you spot the Whooping Crane, use a gun like “Varmint Rifle” for better accuracy.

Hunting Whooping Cranes is not an easy process. It can create a lot of trouble for players after they spend so much time in the swamp. However, if your toes begin to prune, you simply need to leave and rejoin the game.


Hunting animals in Red Dead Online is never a hard thing, but locating the animals can create some serious fuss. However, Eagle Eye is a great way to locate the animals through lengthy stems. You can use it in any condition, and it will help you to locate and hunt down the animals around you.

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