PlayStation 5 (PS5) Restocked for Amazon Prime Members Teased for December

Amazon will get restocked with PlayStation 5 before the end of December. Amazon has teased restocking of PlayStation 5 soon, and the Amazon Prime Subscribers will be given priority access to the console. Sony launched a new generation gaming system back in 2020 alongside Xbox Series X/S. The gamers found it difficult to acquire the PS5 throughout 2021 due to the short supply of the console, and the gamers are likely to experience a shortage of PS5 consoles throughout 2022. From the time of the PS5 launch, the gamers are finding difficulty in acquiring this game.

Features of Play Station 5 Console

The new generation hardware of PS5 can accomplish impressive feats of performance, such as reaching 60 frames per second during the gameplay and enabling realistic ray tracing reflections.

PS5 new DualSense controller has been a huge selling point featuring haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, creating an extremely immersive gaming experience. Even the gamers are getting PS5 restocking frequently for some time, and the stocks get wiped out in very little time. Recently Walmart was restocked with PS5, and it was wiped out within 45 minutes, leaving behind many disappointed prospective buyers.

PS5 Restocking on Amazon

Recently Gaming Intel reported a potential restocking of Play Station 5 on Amazon, and Amazon Prime subscribers will get the first dibs on the highly sought-after system. The PS5 restocking is expected at December end; however, no official restock time is specified. Only the console’s Amazon page has been updated, explaining the prime members will get priority access to PS5 sales through December 31. From this update, we assume that the console will get restocked at some point before the new year and indicates subscribers can head up for sale.

The New Customization Option for the PS5 Console

While many gamers struggle to secure their own PlayStation 5, Sony has released its exciting new customization option for the console. Sony has recently revealed its custom PS5 faceplates and DualSense colors, with the rainbow of pretty pigments arriving in January 2022. The new-gen system and DaulSense controller featured a stark design far from the predominantly black Play Station consoles of the past. Many gamers are stylizing their consoles with an alternative design for the PS5’s easily-removed faceplates. However, many fans can still not get hands-on Sony’s new console, and those who have acquired it can add a vibrant splash of color.


Many gamers are looking to secure a PlayStation 5 during the holiday season, watching Amazon over the coming weeks may be a good idea. Amazon Prime Subscribers will have priority access, and the PS5 restocking at Walmart+ subscribers also used similar early access; now, it is the second-year tactic. Now, it is the second year since PlayStation 5 is on the market, and the gamers can get the best chance at getting the new generation system.

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