Is Green Lantern: Earth One Volume 2 Good? Is It Disappointing? Or Does It Live up and Carry Things to the Next Level?

Green Lantern: Earth One Volume 2 has finally dropped, and it’s more gripping than ever. So, all the Green Lantern fans are in for a treat. You will read it, and you will keep talking about it! That’s our guarantee! Don’t worry. We won’t be disclosing any spoilers for the ones who haven’t had the chance to get their hands on the latest volume. But what we will give you is an honest review, which will help you decide if it’s worthwhile spending your time reading the graphic novel. There may be some spoilers from Volume 1, but it’s going to be spoiler-free for the second one.

The Green Lantern: Earth One is an original graphic novel created by DC Comics as a part of the Earth One line. The book has been authored by Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko, with art by Hardman, and was released in the year 2018. The Earth One line of novels was released in the year 2009 with Superman: Earth One as its first novel. There have been four releases after that, out of which Green Lantern is the fifth one.

What Can We Expect?

The latest graphic novel was released only this week and is for someone who hasn’t been a devoted follower of the Green Lantern universe. If it were up to us, which it is, we would rate this novel 10/10. Even though the first volume may have a slight edge, the second one doesn’t fail to impress as its story is hugely compelling. It has managed to keep up with the standardized Earth One novels. It has taken characters we’re familiar with, Lor that we know pretty well, and put a unique spin on it, so it’s like we’re reading something different. With the yellow lanterns and the other concepts that DC has included, it has taken Hal Jordan to the next level. Finishing this novel just left us wanting more (a Volume 3) and excited about what’s going to come next.

Even though it’s almost perfect, we were still a little disappointed while reading the novel. The disappointment was us wanting to know more about what’s going on Earth. DC has done a great job making the Earth look very interesting in the series compared to its predecessor. You see the billboard with Colonel Jask, who is called a General in this one. It’s even different technologically because the Ferris Aircraft is called Ferris Galactica, and the fact that they send ships out to the asteroid belt to mine the asteroids between Mars and Jupiter. This Earth is a little bit more sci-fi than our Earth.

Volume 2 takes you a little bit deeper. You get to learn a bit more about the central power structure that they have going on. But it leaves it all pretty mysterious and spends more time on the sci-fi stuff, which is also very cool. Hardcore DC fans would’ve liked more background on what’s going on Earth. So, they could’ve explained a little more about planet Earth’s government.

What’s the Verdict?

If they continue this pattern, it’s going to be okay. Volume 1 established a story, Volume 2 dug a little deeper, and we can surely expect Volume 3 to dig a layer deeper and reveal a bit more to its curious audience. And like we said, you’ll be left wanting the third volume as soon as you finish the second. With the unique take on the Green Lantern and Yellow Lantern core along with a fascinating villain, this novel has done nothing but keep me hooked!

So, there are a lot of things we are interested in, we find compelling, and we can’t wait for the third volume to release.

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