How to Stream Netflix with Friends during Quarantine

It is fun watching Netflix over getaways with friends. But, what if in case you’re not able to fix a common slot? Watching Netflix with friends has now become easy, even if they’re nowhere near you. This experience of online streaming with friends is also a getaway from regulars.

Mentioned below are the seven ways to watch Netflix with friends or family far away from you:

  1. Netflix Party

Google Extension has introduced Netflix Party via which you and your friends or family can watch Netflix together.

It coincides with the movie or series playing for everyone and also has a chat window to pull off a little fun. It gives an option to play or pause to everyone whose watching, and the video acts the same for everyone else, as mentioned before it provides synchronization.

It is easy to start a Netflix Party. The steps are:

  • Download the extension, which is free to download.
  • All you need to do is play whatever you want to watch on Netflix.
  • On the upper right corner of the Netflix screen, click on the ‘Extension’s Browser’ button.
  • A window will appear, asking you for the control over the whole playback or keeping it open to everyone who’s watching. Tap on ‘Start the Party.’
  • A link will be generated to you, which you can share with your friends whom you want to watch Netflix with.
  • Watch2Gether

This application gives you access to the content from different sites like YouTube, Soundcloud, etc.

Netflix doesn’t work with this particular application, but there is a way you can make it work. All you need to do is paste the Netflix URL to the ‘W2gSync’ feature, which will directly take you to your room. All the people who paste the same link will add to one stream.However, only the one who started the stream and created a room will be able to control it.

  • Kast

Kast doesnot just support Netflix but all other online streaming platforms. You may use this as an application on MacOS or Windows, or else Web Browser will do as well.

The room where all the streamers come together is called a “Party,” which can be public or private. Though this application is free to use, there is an upgrade version for better video quality, which comes in paid form.

  • Scener

Scener lets you watch Netflix in sync with your friends and family, also giving you a side-space for a chat room to have a real-time conversation. Few things to keep in notice while using Scener are:

  • It uses the primary Netflix account only. Even if you’re handing over your account to someone else, make sure your initial profile is the only one selected.
  • Only ten people can watch in a room at a time.
  • The control over the playback is only with the one who created a room. None else can play or pause according to their convenience until or unless they are the room leader to do so.
  • Metastream

Metastream allows you to watch Netflix with your friends only on Web Browser as it doesn’t have any mobile application. Not just Netflix, it also supports other video streaming sites such as YouTube, Twitch, etc.Before using Metastream, you’ll have to download its extension from Chrome or Firefox.

  • TwoSeven

TwoSeven gives you free streaming of Netflix and Disney+ to watch with your friends. It also has upgraded plans for better quality which are paid form. The lowest pack of Twoseven is ‘$5’ per month. Also, this is tagged to be the most reliable source for online streaming, as it also gives you the option to see your group’s cams while you’re watching a video. Watching your friends while a movie makes it more exciting and interesting as it gives you a real-time experience.

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