How to Download Google Meet on PC, Mac, and Chrome OS

Google decided on the web-first approach and made Google Meet available on the web and also for mobile. But if you want to save time and access, meet on your desktop with just a click without even launching your browser every time. Here is how you can download Google Meet on both Mac and PC. Once you download Google Meet, you can easily use them like other apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. So, let’s dive into action.

How to Install Google Meet Homepage Like an Application

You can easily install the Google Meet home page as a shortcut on your homepage, and that will allow you to launch google Meet with a single stroke of your click right from the desktop. You can complete this task using chrome or a chromium-based browser.

  1. Firstly, you need to open the Google Meet Website on Chrome. Then click on the three-dots, which you can see at the top right-hand side of your screen, and then go to More tools and then select the create shortcut option. Most of the chromium browsers also contain the same option. But if your default browser is Edge, you have to open the three-dot menu> Apps and click on Install Google Meet button.
  2. Now a pop-up will open on your screen with additional options. You have to give the app a name and select open as window to launch in a browser and click on create.
  3. This will instantly create a Google Meet shortcut that will work like an app but open in a separate new tab in the default browser.

The process is complete, and Google Meet is now added as a shortcut on your Mac or Windows computer. For Windows, you need to open the Start Menu>All Apps, then search for Google Meet after that right-click on the shortcut and pin to the Start Menu or your taskbar to make the access faster. On Mac, you need to open Finder>Applications and then drag and drop the Google Meet icon onto the dock to pin it.

Installing Google Meet from Google Play Store on Chromebooks

There are options of third-party for both Windows and MacOS. But same can’t be said for Chrome OS as there aren’t any Linux apps for Google Meet. But don’t worry Chrome OS supports Android apps, and here is how you can install the Apk version of the Google Meet on Chromebook.

  1. If you haven’t activated Play Store on Chromebook already then click the clock icon at the bottom-right corner to open a quick settings panel and choose the Settings icon.
  2. Then go down to the apps section and click on the turn on next to the Google Play Store option.
  3. Now a pop-up notification will appear on the screen, click Allow, and it will take one or two minutes before opening the Play Store.
  4. Lastly, open the Play Store, search for Google Meet and finally install it and the process is complete.

Once the process is complete, open the app and use it as a desktop app on ChromeOS. However, the layout will be different as the app fits perfectly for the desktop view. The only issue is that the app displays some features, which are mobile centric features like switch cameras which can’t be done on a desktop.


In this blog, we have given you simple methods to Easily Download Google Meet on PC, Mac, and Chrome OS. Now you don’t have to go through opening your browser every time you want to use Google Meet. Hope you find this information useful.

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