Free Movie Streaming App Roku Launched on Amazon Fire TV

Each one of us possesses the quality to find services that cost nothing in return. If not for free, we try to bargain at markets, stores, etc. If you’re a huge fan of streaming content online, you must be familiar with the Roku Channel that is a one-stop-shop to stream content from different online platforms, that too for free.

The Roku Channel was introduced in 2008 in collaboration with Netflix and was limited to Roku devices only. Therefore, with time the platform expanded itself for desktop and mobile browsers. Not only this, but recently, a separate Roku app got released for iOS and Android users.

Hold on, that road hasn’t ended yet! The Entertainment company Roku has now come up with ‘The Roku Channel,’ which is available for Fire TV devices. In simple words, the app is available to download through the Amazon App Store for Fire TV.

The source of the majority of Roku’s revenue is through advertising and subscriptions. Therefore, it is evident that the channel is trying to make its way and reach as many people as possible. As announced by the Roku executives, the brand has reached an estimated 43 billion people across the US. According to them, even if a small number of that portion accounts for their time watching The Roku Channel, it can do wonders and generate revenue.

It is excellent news for all the dedicated Amazon consumers as a new streaming option is available to them for free. Most of all, it cuts down the need for an additional platform that requires investing. You must note that The Roku Channel has paid add-ons that offer additional features. Fortunately, or unfortunately, users can stream the app only if you own a smart Fire TV.

In case you own a Fire TV with voice remote control or an Echo speaker, you can use voice commands to access the free streaming content online. For instance, “Alexa, launch The Roku Channel App.” Alternatively, you can locate the Roku Channel using the Search Bar at the top of the screen. One of the most notable features of The Roku Channel is that it doesn’t require an additional sign up for Fire TV users. Also, login-free access is enabled on the web as well. However, you can’t manage to use The Roku Channel for Fire TV devices and sign up for channels like Showtime. If you’re willing to sign up for premium channels, you must visit the Roku website or use any of the company’s devices.

The Roku Channel is a platform that supports ads, but apart from it, all the users can access unlimited content for free. The company also has advanced features and additional content apart from the free service available for the customers who are willing to pay.

Not only movies and shows, but The Roku Channel also has the availability of 115 live streaming channels and a library full of old shows and movies. One of the primary concerns of a parent is if their children are watching kids-friendly content. Roku has plucked the difficulty out of your way as it offers separate sections for family and kid-friendly content.

Why are you still waiting? The Roku Channel is rolling out for Amazon Fire TV devices, Smart TV sets, and Fire TV Edition soundbars. Most of the users have been waiting to discover platforms that offer free streaming content, and the opportunity has finally arrived through Amazon Fire TV. It’s time to relax and binge-watch your favorite shows and movies.

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